Lovira Ltd

is a new Finnish company operating in the field of health technology. We offer a revolutionary new way to get bright light therapy. Lovira operates as an international reseller of the AYO light therapy glasses.

AYO light therapy glasses are developed and manufactured by Novalogy, a company operating in Europe and the USA. More information on the manufacturer of AYO light therapy glasses can be found here:


Instructions to AYO light therapy glasses:

Manufacturer manual in english

What and why

The goal of Lovira is to help people improve their well-being in a natural way. With the diverse effects of light therapy, we can improve the quality of life of many people and help them live happier. For example bright light therapy is the most effective way to treat winter fatigue. In addition to light therapy, exercise and healthy eating habits help overcome winter fatigue. We want to encourage people to get the necessary light during the dark days, to move and eat healthy. Often, light therapy may be the trigger of a series of good habits. When light improves energy levels, you’ll find motivation to exercise and focus on what you eat.

Contact details

Business ID: 2893162-4
Tourukatu 25 B10
40100 Jyväskylä
If you have any questions about AYO glasses or buying you can leave a message with the form.