Jet lag

AYO light therapy glasses help you adapt to a new time zone 2-3 times faster. Jet lag is caused by travelling through different time zones. When flying from one time zone to another, the timing of a person’s Circadian rhythm is changed. This causes jet lag, the disadvantages of which are familiar to many.

Typical symptoms of jet lag include fatigue, insomnia, abdominal pain, memory disorders, headache, irritability and impaired physical performance. These symptoms are mostly due to the fact that the biological clock in the body has not yet adapted to the new time. However, the biological clock can adapt faster by correctly timed light intake. Light is the most important factor in regulating the circadian rhythm.

Choose the travel program

Just enter your flight schedule to the AYO app and it will calculate a personalized light program to you. The program will tell when to use the light glasses and how you can beat jet lag effectively.

Fast and easy

By wearing AYO just 20-40 minutes a day according to your personal schedule, your body´s biological clock will adapt to the new time zone up to 3 times faster.

Travel seamlessly

Light glasses are a stylish and handy way to boost your business or leisure trip so you can get the best out of your journey.

Solution from AYO light glasses


The AYO light glasses has won numerous travel related awards:

  • The Travel Retail Awards winner in 2018. The winner of award has selected by over 5000 independent consumer, international travelers.
  • AYO has also won many other awards such as the Air France – KLM innovation challenge in 2016.

14 day money back guarantee

12 month warranty

Fast international delivey

Safe, effective and awarded

  • AYO complies with the EU’s CE marking as well as other national regulatory directives.
  • UV and Infrared free AYO is considered safe for the eyes, in accordance with the EU’s directive IEC 62471 and is independently certified by TÜV Rheinland.
  • AYO has won The Travel Retail Awards in 2018. The winner of the award has selected by over 5000 independent consumer and international travelers.
  • AYO has won the highly revered Red Dot award for product design in 2018 in the category of life science and medicine.
  • AYO has also won many other awards such as the Air France – KLM innovation challenge in 2016