Numerous clinical studies and chronobiology research in past 20 years have proven the effectiviness of bright light. Research has been carried out in leading institutions including Harvard, Oxford and Nasa.

As a result of research and development, technology has been generated whereby we can actively manage our internal body clocks. The method is natural and safe.


The branch of science, which studies the activity of the human internal clock, is called chronobiology. Last year, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was given to US researchers investigating the biological / internal clock operating mechanisms.

AYO scientific advisor:

“AYO is the first step in the personal adjustment of internal body clocks. It will help us to improve our lifestyle, to remain healthy and to keep the doctor away.”

-Prof. Bert van der Horst, Chairman of Health and Chronobiology, Erasmus Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Blue light

Blue light plays a significant role in adjusting the 24-hour sleep-wake rhythm. This wavelength of light is present in the sunlight in addition to numerous other wavelengths of light. The mix of lights with different frequencies are seen by us as a bright light. Blue light is the frequency of light and color range that affects our energy level and the production of melatonin (the “darkness hormone”) through the light receptors in our eyes. Properly adjusted and filtered blue light can safely emulate the positive effects that the bright sunlight gives us. According to studies, the most beneficial range of blue light is in fact blue-turquoise. The wavelength range of this light is 465-495 nm; the light used by AYO light therapy glasses is blue-turquoise light in the wavelength range of 470 nm.

Circadian rhythm

Adjusting our internal clock can be considered vital because it regulates functions such as mobility, mood and other brain functions.

The rhythm of our internal clock often contradicts with the circadian rhythm and this manifests itself as complex problems, the most common of which are general fatigue and impaired functional capacity. The problems are not only troublesome but can also lead to serious health problems, such as depression and cardiovascular diseases.

Bright light therapy works for most of people

  • 70-90% of people get significant benefit from light therapy when implemented correctly.

Effects after using light glasses

Short-term effects

  • When your eyes are exposed to AYO’s blue light, it signals your body to wake up by suppressing the level of melatonin. As a result, you will feel more energized and active in a natural way.

Long-term effects

  • By using the AYO light therapy glasses for at least 20 minutes a day
  • At the right time of the day
  • With optimized light intensity

Our internal clock adjusts to the circadian rhythm we want. As a result, sleep quality and energy levels will improve. The stimulating effect can usually be felt immediately after the first light session, but the internal clock is adjusted and the most effective results can be reached by using light therapy continuously for at least five days. The best possible benefit is usually reached with a 1 to 2 week-long light therapy period.

The personalised light therapy programs of the goAYO mobile app tell you how to get the most out of the light treatment. The app tells you when and how long you will need to wear the light therapy glasses.

Efficient solution

AYO brings together three key factors regulating the efficiency of the circadian rhythm:

Light wavelength and intensity

The wavelength of the light used by AYO is 470-475 nm and the intensity is 250 μW/cm². These blue light features have been found to be the most effective in adjusting the internal clock.

Proper timing of light therapy

The goAYO mobile app plans light programs for you. It recommends when to use the glasses and when to avoid light.

Duration of light sessions

Depending on the personal light program, the mobile app tells you how long you should wear the glasses at a time and how many days of light therapy is optimal.

Bright light

Bright light therapy has been developed since the 1980s. Its effect to winter fatigue, among others, has been proven. Traditional bright light lamps, for example table bright light lamps, produce white light. White light contains all the colours and wavelengths of visible light. These colours include, for example, red, green, and blue. When the colours blend, the light seems bright white.

White bright light lamps usually produce 2,500 to 10,000 lux of light depending on the lamp and the adjustments. This light output has been found to be effective in adjusting the biological clock.

Due to developments in LED technology during the past years, the blue light with the most effective health benefits is separated from the rest of the combination of colours. The blue light technology used in AYO light therapy glasses has been developed to match the effects of a 10,000 lux white light in a pleasant and safe way.

Lighting technology has developed at a rapid pace this century, and especially LEDs have taken great strides. The LED technology used in the AYO light therapy glasses has been carefully adjusted to the wavelength of the light that has been proven to be the most influential in adjusting the biological clock.

The glasses feature light diffusion technology and filters, which make the light smooth, gentle and comfortable to the eye. All normal everyday tasks can be performed while using the light therapy glasses. You do not have to sit in front of a table as is the case in bright light lamps, for example.

The biggest advantage to conventional bright light therapy methods is that now you can enjoy light therapy wherever and whenever you like. The glasses are compact and easy to bring along. During the light program, you can have breakfast, read a newspaper, watch TV, work on a computer, or other similar normal everyday activities.

Light therapy is particularly necessary in northern latitudes, such as in Finland. Almost everyone notices a change in mood and energy levels during the winter months in Finland. Up to 30-40% of the population suffers from polar night symptoms, which are already considered problematic. Bright light therapy works for most people with polar night symptoms.

AYO light therapy glasses can help you overcome fatigue caused by winter, improve the sleep-wake rhythm, help survive the shifting of the circadian rhythm due to shift work and overcome jet lag when travelling, faster than ever before.

A safe and proven method for improving our well-being


The AYO light therapy glasses are a safe and natural way to optimise your internal clock. Light therapy glasses, as well as other bright light treatment methods, are not recommended if you have an eye disease or light hypersensitivity.


The technology used by AYO is based on the proven bright light therapy method, following industry standards.


The goAYO mobile app and light therapy glasses provide you with personalised light therapy that adapts to your schedule and preferences.

Safe, effective and awarded

  • AYO complies with the EU’s CE marking as well as other national regulatory directives
  • UV and Infrared free AYO is considered safe for the eyes, in accordance with the EU’s directive IEC 62471 and is independently certified by TÜV Rheinland.
  • AYO has won The Travel Retail Awards in 2018. The winner of the award has selected by over 5000 independent consumers and international travelers.
  • AYO has won the highly revered Red Dot award for Product design in 2018 in the category of life science and medicine.
  • AYO has also won many other awards such as the Air France – KLM innovation challenge in 2016.